Link Building

Posted in Digital Marketing, Website Security on Nov 02, 2017

Link Building is one of the tactics in getting your website ranked on the first page of search results (SEO). Remember that a link from a directory, blog, web portal, or other industry site to your website is counted as a vote by google that your site is important. The more links you have, the higher you show on Google search results for your target keywords.

What is a link?

A link shows up as an underlined or different colour text that, when clicked, transports a user FROM another website TO your website. Importantly, It is links FROM other websites TO your website that counts for SEO (not the other way round).

For example, i want my website ( to rank higher for searches such as “Singapore SEO Experts”. I post a digital marketing service for my company, in a local directory. Then i will have a link from the directory to . The point is that all of these links are like “votes” to Google that is an important website, one that should rank highly on Google searches.

Now that you understand what a link is, your first step in link building, therefore, is to define how you want other people to link your website. The best link enjoy the following attributes:

  • Good Syntax – the best link have good syntax with your “keyword / key phrase” nested inside the tag as in Singapore SEO Experts
  • High Authority Website  (PageRank) – Another factor taken into account is the Page rank of the website that is sending the link. Search engine allow links from a high authority website to count more in boosting rankings. Essentially, you want ‘popular’ websites to link to your site, thereby making you ‘popular’ yourself.

Remember: it is links FROM other sites TO your site that matter. Links FROM your site TO other sites, have a minimal impact on your SEO performance.

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