Local SEO

Local SEO

Many Google searches are local in nature. Searches like “pizza,” “divorce attorney,” or even “SEO consultants” tend to have a local nature, and Google is pretty good at inferring which searches have a local character which basically called Local SEO. Users in turn often append geographic terms to their Google searches such as “SG” or “MY” to clarify to Google that they want “Watch Repair SG” rather than “Watch Repair Online” and so fourth and so on. So if you have a clearly local business (a roofing company, a CPA firm, a watch repair shop, a personal injury law firm, a hypnosis practice…), local SEO is a must.

Even if your business isn’t entirely local, local seo can still be quite relevant. And, local SEO crosses into Review marketing, an area in which social media and SEO overlap.

    – Understand Local Search Opportunities
    – Claim and Optimize your Local Social Media
    – Cross-link your Website to your Local Social Media
    – Create a Review Marketing Strategy
    – Identify Reputation Management & Review Opportunities

Local Search is huge on the internet. People search for “Kopi Near me” or “Nearest doctor” or even just “sushi”. Conduct an inventory of your search keywords and note which queries produce prominent Google+ Local results. Searches for single or short tail keywords such as “sushi” or “nearest doctor” often produce localized results; take note of which single or short tail searches are especially relevant.

Second, keep an eye out for other services like Yelp, YP.com or street directory popping up prominently in your local search results. Review your keyword worksheet (if you don’t know what’s that, refer to this blog). And designate those searches (usually the short tail searches) that trigger Google+ Local results. You can tell if Google is “going local” because you will see a list of two or more companies with their addresses on the search results page.

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