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As SEO specialist for your company. it may be hard to measure your current SEO campaign given that Google does not release much data or result of your work won’t be readily shown as it takes time for the Google spider to crawl all your work done. Today we will talk on metrics that can help measure your current campaign status of your SEO campaign.


As many did not know, SERP rank also known as (Search Engine Results Page) measures your website’s position on a target search query. Your PageRank, in contrast, is a measurement of your authority on the web. it’s not really publically released by Google. so by using third-party tools will help show you your domain authority. As we learned in link building think of PageRank as a measurement of how important your site is on the Web.

To Measure your SERP rank, the best free tool is Rank Checker by SEOBook. The tool is only avaliable on Firefox. After installing it, go to Tools > Rank Checker > Options and set the “delay between queries” to 99 seconds. This is because if you run a long keyword list, Google will stop providing rank data to the tool. Then to run the tool from Firefox, go to Tools > Rank Checker > Run > Add Multiple Keywords. Enter your domain and keyword list. hit start and the tool will measure your rank on Google and Bing.

Domain Authority is a surrogate for Google PageRank, or a metric that measures how important Google thinks your website is. A site like might be 100, whereas may be non existent. What’s important is your domain authority relative to competitors, and weather this improves over time.

Root Domains is the number of websites that link to you. SEO Specialist want this to grow over time. The Spam Score is an attempt, after Google’s penguin update, to measure whether your site is on the “naughty list” or not. Another good site to use for this purpose is

Measuring your Social Media Followers, Page Views and review count on platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin is important as well. as all this represent your exposure to your target audience. all in all, a SEO Specialist will want all this to move in a positive direction over time. Increasingly the trend on SEO algorithm is leaning towards “social”, so it’s a good time to be aware of how your social authority is improving over time.

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