Does no-follow link help in SEO?

no-followsThe first take away is that no-follow links do not help in SEO. This is the offical Google position and commonly held position in the SEO community. However(there’s always a however in SEO), my opinion is the no-follow links actually do count, and can help in your SEO campaign. As we mentioned earlier in our link-building blog. Think of links like a stock portfolio: you want diversity in your links – some no- follow, some do-follow, some in HTTP format, some in your brand name, and some in your keyword syntax. No-follow links are like “penny stocks” – one-by-one , not very valuable but in totality, they can indeed be valuable.

Google, in short, probably devalues the weight of no-follow links to the tune of 90% or 95%, but they still seem to carry some weight.

All in all, Get Links!
Now, before your head is swimming with all this technical mumbo-jumbo: just remember to get links! Ask customers, suppliers, and other business contacts whom you know to add a link FROM their website TO your website. It can be as simple as asking the janitorial company that cleans your office, or the pizza company that delivers your office pizza, to go on their website and add a link FROM their site TO your site. Or, to ask a customer who has a blog to write a product review about her experience, and have her include a link in that blog post FROM her blog TO your website.

Register for professional associations that include links to your website. Set up your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other sites. Ask everyone you know who has a website to write something about your company and link over to it.

Just get links!
Just like in real-world elections, the most important part of successful link building is sheer quantity. be it do-follow or no-follow. Politicians don’t always sweat the small stuff; they kiss a lot of babies, and shake a lot of hands in their quest for high quality votes. So should you in your quest for links!

That’s it for now!
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