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press release SEOAfter one have created their anchor or landing page content, press release should be a major part of your SEO campaign. Why? Because Google rewards sites that have fresh content as mentioned earlier in our previous blog.

Here are the reason why it’s beneficial to have press releases for your SEO campaign. Firstly, websites that have new, fresh content (for example, a press releases or blog post put up in the last week) are clearly more ‘alive’ than websites that never get updated. As we live in a fast-paced world, and users want the latest iPhone software, the latest news about Singapore Cyber security scene, and the latest nutritional supplement. Google wants to give users the latest and greatest on any topic as as well.

Secondly, fresh content signals to Google that your website and business are alive vs. the many “walking dead” websites that reflect businesses dead or dying in this age of recession. And thirdly, press releases have a unique SEO advantage: syndication. Free and paid syndication like or connect with blogs, portal, other websites and even Twitter feeds to push your press releases across the Web, creating inbound buzz and backlinks which Google will in turn interprets as signs of community authority.

“Press releases SEO, in short, gives a three-for-one benefit!”.

What can make a good press releases? Almost anything!. Keep your keyword worksheet in mind and look for press releases opportunities around your company. I recommend you create a press release calendar of opportunities.

As your press release calendar will help keep you focused, and tie your press release opportunities to your keyword worksheet. The goal is to avoid writer’s block and get into a rhythm of at least two press release per month, minimum.

Once you’ve an idea in hand, Here are the steps to create a press release:
1. Identify the press release idea. Realize that a press release can be not only a new product or a new technology but something as simple as your participation in a trade show, an event that you may be having, a new hire, new inventory, or even your commentary on an industry trend. Literally, anything can become a press release!.

2. Connect the press release idea to a target keyword from your keyword worksheet. The point of generating press release, after all is to improve keyword performance.

3. Create a Press Releases using your SEO page template and follow “on-page vs off-page SEO“. for idea on, On-page SEO.

4. Upload the press release to your website, be sure that your website has a press releases section with each press releases on an independent URL, and include a “one click” link from the home page to the press releases

5. Leverage free and/or paid syndication services to proliferate mentions of your press releases around the internet.

That’s it, this are the few way to actually get your press releases for your SEO campaign.

That’s it for now!
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