Understanding how Social Media Helps in SEO

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A topic unto itself, Social Media has many SEO implications. Social Mentions – Which is the sharing of your website links on sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and more – is a new kind of Link building. Having robust social profiles (like an active Twitter feed or active Google+ account) signals Google and its search algorithm that your company is active and important. This is called Social authority. Indeed, Google+ presents unique SEO opportunities, particularly in the area of having a robust Google+ corporate profile with many local reviews. In addition, Google’s partnership with Twitter is a clear sign that having a robust Twitter Profile and having your links “tweeted” is now a must-do.

As SEO is going social, we’ll explore the brave new world of Social Media SEO.

Links, as we have seen, count as votes in SEO. Google clearly reward sites that have many keyword-relevant links(especially those from high authority websites), with higher positions on Google search results. Social Media in a sense builds on this network of link authority. How so? While Google has not publically clarified how it uses what are called social signals in SEO, we can postulate some logical patterns of how Google might interpret social signals.

in a nutshell, having your URL’s tweeted, shared on LinkedIn or Facebook, or mentioned on Google+ is a form of link building.

Secondly, How does social media impact SEO?

First and foremost, sites that enjoy inbound links via social mentions of URLS from social sites like Twitter, Google+, or even Facebook are clearly topical and relevant to Google. A simple site:twitter.com search on Google reveals over one billion indexed Tweets, and a simple site:facebook.com search on Google reveals over six billion indexed Facebook posts.

Google clearly pays attention to the social sharing of links!

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